2010 Academic Exchange Meeting of CRSRI Doctor Forum Held

Source:CRSRI Author: Date:2010-12-27

The 2010 Academic Exchange Meeting of CRSRI Doctor Forum was successfully held in Wuhan on Dec.21. President Guo Xiling, vice president Chen Jin, Chief-engineer Lin Shaozhong and other leaders of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI) presented at the meeting and made academic exchanges with one hundred doctors.

The Doctor Forum activity began in 2006 for the purpose of training outstanding innovative talents, widening academic field, stimulating scientific research enthusiasm and encouraging innovation. The Doctor Forum has become an academic exchange platform of CRSRI and the Chiangjiang Water Resources Commission.

President Guo Xiling made a speech. He pointed out that the forum creates a favorable atmosphere of learning and promotes the raise of scientific research level. He hoped the doctors should develop their innovation ability, prepare development plan according to the requirements of CRSRI and their own specialties, and make greater contributions for the harnessing, development and protection of the Yangtze River and the development of CRSRI.

At the meeting, Deputy Chief Engineer Dong Yaohua of CRSRI and Deputy Director Wu Aiqing of Key Laboratory of Geotechnical Mechanics & Engineering of MWR gave academic lectures.

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